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👁️ Is The Illuminati Real?

Is There A New World Order Ruling The Earth? The top .0001% wealthy elites of the Earth appear to act as a secretive plutocratic dictatorship. These include royalty, international globalist bankers, and upper-echelon billionaires. It’s undeniable they have influence and power within governments. They accomplish this as a whole via their secret organization known as […]


Homo Nosferatu Vampiris    The living dead immortals transformed from human into that which stalks the dark shadows of the nefarious night preying on innocent blood. These supernatural monsters have varying degrees of enhanced strength, speed, agility, and other paranormal powers. Kingdom: Cryptida (Supernatural Cryptids)Phylum: Immortalis (Immortals)Class: SupraNecrosis (Living Dead Beings)Order: Demonica (Demons)Family: Sanguinus (Survives Off Blood)Tribe: Nocturna Solaris ( Diurnal Solar Radiation Fatal)Genus: Homo Nosferatu (The Melding Of […]

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